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Rolls of hot ink

A wide range of accessories are also available for the rotary printers R-35 M and R-35 EM. This includes ink rolls in several colours, as well as typeholders and typefaces for fast and easy conversion/changeover of the print preferred.

Needless to say, the ink rolls can be used in other types of printers as well as our own.

The ink for the printers is supplied in rolls, which are composed of a foam core into which thermal ink has been pressed. The ink is permanent at room temperature and does not begin to rub off until around 90°C.

The rolls of ink are delivered in trays of 25 units in black, white, blue, red, yellow, green and brown.


A standard typeholder has an external diameter of 50.8 mm and two print areas for 180° steps. This allows a minimum print distance of approximately 80 mm.

Typeholders for brass type are equipped with a handle in a non-thermo conducting material and a lock-ring with a ball catch, making it possible to replace the type without having to use tools. The type is inserted onto the needles and transversely secured by silicone lock rings.

Standard type is available with a 3 mm font height as single type units of numbers or letters in both radial type (which prints parallel to the packing film movement) and axial type (which prints transverse to the packing film movement).

Special-purpose type with text, small labels and special characters (e.g. Arabic or Cyrillic) is available on request.


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Did you know that...?

In normal use, an ink roll can endure up to roughly 100,000 date prints.

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