Types and clichés

Hot-stamp coding uses types, clichés and/or numbering units which are placed in a typeholder, the advantage of the type being that it is easy to replace and combine.

Typeholders are designed to meet your specifications and are registered with serial numbers.

Standard type is available in bronze in font heights of 2, 3, 3.8 and 5 mm.

Types are suitable for printing dates, lot numbers, batch numbers and short texts. Elmoprint stocks a wide selection of standard type, so we can deliver overnight.

We manufacture fonts of every kind on request, such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Chinese text, or small labels such as oval labels (EEC numbers) for dairies and slaughterhouses.

Steel types, T-track types and types for printing on concave, convex or spherical surfaces are also available.

A cliché is used to imprint logos, labels, barcodes and long texts (such as lists of ingredients): it is a 4 mm etched or engraved magnesium or brass plate.

Typeholders can be used to hold clichés or numbering machines, and it is also possible to combine types, clichés and numbering machines on the same typeholder.

Elmoprint designs typeholders to meet your needs and specifications. Typeholders have a non-thermo-conducting handle and can easily be removed from the printer, after which you can replace types and/or clichés.

For date coding or lot and batch numbering, where the print is only a single line with a predefined format, it is beneficial for you to use a numbering machine with wheels that can easily be rotated for simpler adjustment, compared with having to replace types.




Did you know that...?

Elmoprint can help you if you need types for blind-stamping in cardboard, as this makes special demands on the shape and hardness of the type.

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