Elmoprint cross-web dispensers

Label dispenser that can print multiple columns across the ribbon track

Elmoprint cross-web dispensers

Elmoprint builds SDA label dispensers in formats that meet every customer need for high operational reliability, keen precision and high speed – round the clock.

SDA label dispensers are designed with quality components, servo motors, large unwinder reels, and a motorised rewinder for base paper to reduce production-line interruptions to change rollers and perform maintenance.
Elmoprint’s cross-track dispensers are available with dispensing of labels directly onto the film track or by means of a vacuum unit.

SDA dispensers are controlled by a 5.7-inch HMI touch display with intuitive operation, for setting and selecting programs, as well as for password control at various levels.
Elmoprint’s cross-track dispenser moves sideways, and it is controlled by a servo motor for the best accuracy and rapid adjustment.

Elmoprint’s HMI touch screen can control both a top and bottom dispenser. Via line controls from a thermoforming machine, the dispensers can be set at the correct format position at the push of a button.
The SDA label dispenser, HMI and distribution board are IP65 dustproof and waterproof.
Highly accurate, intelligent speed control makes it possible to dispense special label shapes, and to reduce the risk of crumpled labels, folds or air bubbles between the label and packing material.
Elmoprint’s SDA dispensers are designed to accommodate the installation of thermo transfer printers or inkjet printers.

SDA cross-track dispensers are available in the following widths: 60, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm.

  • Maximum roll diameter: ø 400 mm
  • Core diameter: ø 76 mm
  • Roll width: 20–120 mm
  • Label length: 10–400 mm
  • Speed: 0–56 m/min.
  • No. of labels: 800 labels/min.
  • Control precision: 0.02 mm

As Elmoprint builds system machines from scratch, we meet your needs, irrespective of whether your labels need to be attached to glass or packs.

The video below shows some of the system machines we have designed.

 Images of SDA labelling dispensers


Did you know that...?

Elmoprint’s dispensers can be installed as master and slave dispensers for continuous operation.

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