Citronix ci5000 inkjet printer

Continuous inkjet printer - simple to use, has high performance and is reliable and valuable

Citronix ci5000 serien

The Citronix printer is designed to accommondate some of the most demanding labeling tasks.

The printer can be used in many manufacturing industries, e.g. food, beverages, extrusion, cables, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health articles, as well as electrical components, auto parts, construction and other industrial sectors.

In the ci5000 series, emphasis has been placed on optimizing operation and reliability, which increases printer uptime.

ci5000 printers have a graphical user interface behind tempered glass. This makes it easy and safe to operate the printers.

The printers come with 2 filter units (ink and air filter) that can be replaced in 30 seconds. This means that the technician tasks can be eliminated.

  • Citronix ci5000 is available in 3 sizes:
    ci5200 with 16 dots
    ci5300 with 25 dots
    ci5500 with 31 dots
  • Special versions can be supplied for strong pigment (eg white), micro (down to 0.6mm), extra high speed up to 10.6m / s, and IP65 for extra demanding production environments
  • 30 month product warranty, which is the best in the market
  • Service intervals up to 18 months (depending on the environment and ink type) reduce downtime

With Citronix ci5000 you can print fixed, variable and merged text fields, real-time time and date formats, 1D and 2D barcodes as well as graphic elements.

Our color range of inks includes black, red, blue, green, yellow and UV readable, as well as special ink types with acetone and ethanol as well as FDA approved red and blue ink for printing on foodproducts


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Citronix ci5000

Did you know that?

Citronix is located in Texas and is dedicated to developing and producing
continuous inkjet printers. This makes their printers some of the best in the
market. Citronix is owned by Domino, which ensures that we also have a great
know-how within ink for the printers.

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