ICE Viper

Flexible inkjet printer that enables merged or independent prints on 1–4 print heads

ICE Viper

ICE Viper is a very compact high-resolution inkjet printer for the labelling of primary and secondary packaging.

ICE Viper uses inkjet cartridges, making it easy and safe to operate and maintain. High resolution, up to 600 dpi.

  • Up to 80 m/min. at 600 x 240 dpi
  • Can print with one to four print heads independently or at the same time
  • No wearing parts or spare parts (except for the inkjet cartridge)
  • Printing height: 12.7 mm

The ICE Viper inkjet printer provides fully scalable labelling in resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi. It can print up to 80 metres/minute at 600 x 240 dpi. The printer can be furnished with one to four print heads, each with a height of 12.7 mm. The print heads can work as stacked, merged or independently functioning. In addition, the control panel and network connection make it possible for all printers on a production line to work on the same task; for instance, an ICE Viper can print trays or boxes, while an ICE Vulcan can print pallet labels.

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ICE Viper

Did you know that...?

ICE Viper can print data from SQL servers and be incorporated into line control with other ICE printers.

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