Valentin Compa II

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Operationally reliable, industrial label printer

Valentin Compa II

Compa II is a high-resolution tabletop printer for label-roll printing.

Carl Valentin GmbH has a wide selection of label printers, and we have chosen to focus on Compa II because the quality of its printing results meets the expectations of our industrial customers.

  • Resolution: 200 or 300 dpi
  • Printing speeds: up to 200 mm/s
  • Connection via USB or Ethernet
  • Can print information and data from external data sources
  • Various accessories for the finishing of printed labels

Compa II is available in two printing widths: 106 mm and 162 mm. Compa II is available with several I/O ports so it can be controlled in an industrial setting.

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Valentin Compa II

Did you know that...?

The printer can be supplemented with various accessories, such as blades for label cutting, a rewinder for long rolls of labels, and a foot pedal to prompt the printer to print the next label.

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