ICE Vulcan


This integrated printer and dispenser is the most efficient and flexible print-and-apply solution on the market

ICE Vulcan

Meets the need to apply a printed label to the top and bottom of the product.

ICE Vulcan is available in various models with the same basic specifications.

ICE Vulcan prints and applies labels in one continuous movement, and it can be set to correspond with packing-line speed to ensure that all products are labelled.

The unit requires no daily manual settings, and roughly 80% of all wearing parts have been removed, compared to other print-and-apply dispensers.

This makes ICE Vulcan the market’s most flexible print-and-apply label dispenser for every combination of label and print sizes. Even at high speeds, it sets a new standard for ensuring production uptimes. ICE Vulcan is an intelligent dispenser with the following features that maximise productivity:

  • User-friendly
  • Automatic set-up (wizard)
  • No mechanical mode selections
  • Minimal wear on spare parts
  • Label and ribbon changeover in less than 60 seconds
  • Direct application of up to 150 labels per minute
  • Intuitive touch interface: one screen controls the whole unit
  • Built-in code assurance to minimise operator errors
  • No mechanical adjustments during day-to-day operation
  • 80% fewer wearing parts, which reduces maintenance
  • Automatic print adjustment optimises print quality and print head service life
  • Logs all user changes and alarms to facilitate troubleshooting and line optimisation

ICE Vulcan maximises your uptime, increases productivity and removes the risk of faulty labelling by using the most advanced, user-friendly print and-apply labelling system available.

The print-and-apply solutions are available in different models:

  • ICE Vulcan for direct top and bottom labelling
  • ICE Vulcan Tamp for side labelling
  • ICE Vulcan Corner Wrap for “around the corner” labelling
  • ICE Vulcan Front of Pack for front labelling

We have the equipment to match your specific situation, no matter what your print-and-apply needs may be.

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ICE Vulcan

Data sheet


Download data sheet

Did you know that...?

We have the equipment to match your specific situation, no matter what your print-and-apply needs may be.

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