ICE Zodiac ES 53mm/32mm


The popular thermo transfer printer for most packing-film labelling tasks

ICE Zodiac ES 53mm/32mm

Zodiac ES is a popular, economical inline printer that is designed to meet flexible packaging-film printing needs.

The patented clutchless ribbon drive provides superior uptimes by maintaining consistent tension on the thermo transfer ribbon. This eliminates film breakage and ensures high-quality printing at the same time.

Zodiac ES provides printing speeds of up to 250 ppm and has ribbon-saving features to reduce the costs per print.

  • Zodiac ES is available in two printing widths: 32 mm and 53 mm.
  • Printing speeds of up to 750 mm/sec. and 250 prints/min.
  • Simplest ribbon cassette drive on the market to ensure effortless ribbon changeover
  • Reliable, thoroughly tested and clutchless ribbon drive
  • High utilisation of the transfer ribbon, minimising the price per additional print
  • Network connection for monitoring
  • Prints from databases

Zodiac HS enables the printing of fixed, variable and merged text fields, the use of real-time clock functions and flexible date/time formats, as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. The printer supports multiple graphic formats.

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ICE Zodiac ES 53mm 32mm

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Elmoprint stocks a wide selection of thermo transfer ribbons. For instance, we have UV transfer ribbon for printing specifications that are to be hidden from the consumer.

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