ICE Zodiac HS 107mm / 53mm

Thermo transfer printer for top speeds and low operating costs

ICE Zodiac HS 107mm / 53mm

Zodiac HS is an ideal solution when aiming for high output or creating large prints at low operating costs.

The patented clutchless ribbon drive ensures superior print quality and uptimes, just as the precise ribbon-tension control eliminates transfer ribbon/film breakage or crumpling.

  • Zodiac HS is available in two widths: 53 mm and 107 mm (height: 204 mm)
  • Printing speeds of up to 1000 mm/sec. and 400 prints/min.
  • Simplest ribbon cassette drive on the market for effortless ribbon changeover
  • Reliable, thoroughly tested, clutchless ribbon drive
  • High utilisation of the transfer ribbon, minimising the price per additional print
  • Network connection for monitoring
  • Prints from databases

Zodiac HS enables the printing of fixed, variable and merged text fields, the use of real-time clock functions and flexible date/time formats, as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. The printer supports multiple graphic formats.

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ICE Zodiac HS 107mm 53mm

Did you know that...?

ICE Zodiac HS is available with a 53 mm or 107 mm print head and as both a right-hand and left-hand model for the best operation possible. If you wish to move the printer later on, you can easily change its operating direction.

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