Valentin DPM III

A thermo transfer printer for large prints and cross-track printing

Valentin DPM III

DPM III prints in high resolution on flexible packaging. The printer is highly flexible and has low operating costs.

DPM III is distinguished by its ability to print “several columns” across a ribbon track, which makes it suitable for printing on packs in a thermoforming machine, for instance, and it can also make a very large print. The printer is ideal for printing variable data, such as date, time, lot number, ingredients and logos. Based on its compact design, the DPM III can be integrated into any position in an intermittent packing machine.

  • Reduced costs due to built-in ribbon saver
  • Can print information and data from external data sources
  • Printing speed: up to 450 mm/s
  • Prints several columns across the ribbon

DPM III is available in different printing widths: 53 mm, 107 mm and 128 mm, as well as a printing length of up to 630 mm.

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Valentin DPM III

Did you know that...?

Elmoprint’s cooperation with Carl Valentin GmbH started with DPM (direct print module) printers. Now we are incorporating their print modules into our labelling dispensers, and we also sell their label printers.

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