Special tasks


ICE Vulcan on an XY servo table

The customer wanted to be able to print and apply labels to products in a thermoforming machine.
As it had to be possible to remove the solution during cleaning, the entire unit is wheeled and can be quickly disengaged from the thermoforming machine.
The XY table can operate in various patterns depending on the label position and forward motion of the product.



Roll-to-roll printing and label verification

The labels had to be printed and three barcodes had to be verified.
This required a Zodiac print module, special printing film and special labels for the solution.



Double unwinder table and packing-film labelling

This type of solution used components such as back-seal flowwrappers, as there is usually little space to install printing and labelling equipment.
There is space to set a new packing film on the table while the unit is operating for quick splicing or switching products.
The packing film is unwound at the same speed that the packing machine uses the film.
The labels can be dispensed according to a starting signal from the packing machine or via a photo code.



Labels applied to test tubes for small batches

Test tubes had to be labelled with unique codes in small series, after which the tubes had to stand in the correct order for further processing.



Folding of cold-cut packets from a thermoforming machine

There was a need to fold packets of cold-cuts and attach top and bottom labels after they had been folded.
The unit receives a forward stroke from the thermoforming machine and folds the same number of packets making up the forward stroke.
The packets are folded and placed on an outgoing conveyor belt for the printing and applying of labels.
The folding machine can fold 15 cold-cut packets at fifteen operating cycles per minute.



Applying labels and cutting out packing film

A roll-to-roll processing machine to make packing film for end-users.
The unit applies labels that melt in the microwave, after which steam can be released from the finished packet.
Two label dispensers are installed in a master/slave configuration. If labels are needed, or labels run out on the master dispenser, the system automatically makes sure that the slave unit starts up.
The unit is owned by a packing film manufacturer.



The roll-to-roll unit applies four labels on the packing film, after which it cuts out the packing film to enable easy opening and closing of the finished product.
Each dispenser has a slave unit to ensure that the production of film does not stop when the roll of labels runs out. The slave unit also makes sure that all packets are labelled.
The unit is owned by a packing film manufacturer.



Did you know that...?

Elmoprint has been in the sector for more than thirty years, and we are pleased to share the lessons we have learned and provide input when you need to choose a solution.

Did you know that...?

Elmoprint has years of experience in designing equipment in which we integrate printers and label dispensers.

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